BSACI 2019 Harrogate Meeting

This year’s meeting opened with a powerful session on ‘How much is too much?’ Allergy awareness and the impact of allergic diseases which have been highlighted recently in the media, have brought this to the forefront’s of public consciousness. This year the parents of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse spoke openly about the difficulties they faced ensuring Natasha’s allergies were managed appropriately. In an emotional address Natasha’s father took us through the events that led to her death and emphasised the need for more research so we have a better understanding of allergic diseases and how they can be managed.

Dr Andrew Clark highlighted results of the TRACE Food Allergen Threshold Study and Dr Marty Blom from The Netherlands, had a captive audience when talking about the risks of undeclared allergens.

Overall the 2019 programme covered a broad range of topics – food allergy, asthma, eczema, basic science, drug allergy, rhinology, immunotherapy, cutaneous allergy, component-resolved diagnosis, psychological well-being of patients, families and staff, and service improvement, etc…

Food allergy crises, the tidal wave of suspected drug allergy and innovation for patients were all the key themes running through our conference this year. We invited a wide range of professionals, opinion leaders and lay experts to inform and broaden our horizons.

The meeting was held at our new venue Harrogate Convention Centre, situated in the heart of this charming Yorkshire town. Our new conference centre enabled us to accommodate the increase in delegate numbers we had this year. We had 131 abstract submissions of which 25 received a Travel Fellowship Award. A further 11 dieticians received a Fellowship and we invested £15K in bringing 25 FY1s and FY2’s, IMT1’s and IMT2’s to the meeting to learn more about a career in allergy which kicked off with a workshop presented by Dr Natasha Gunawardana BSACI Trainee Representative.

The William Frankland Award this year was presented to Professor Jonathan Hourihane for his outstanding contribution to Clinical Allergy in the UK and Professor Jurgen Schwarze gave the Prestigious Jack Pepys Lecture. Professor Barry Kay undertook a review of each of the winning abstracts and presented the lead authors with their certificate and prize money. Congratulations to all our winners!

Lastly we had two evening events this year the ‘Welcome Reception’ which took place on Thursday in the picturesque ‘ Sun Pavilion’ was such a popular evening all the tickets were sold out!! Next year we plan to hold this in a larger venue so we can accommodate more numbers. On Friday night we hosted a speakers and sponsors dinner in Harrogate to thank everyone for their support this year.

Next years meeting takes place on 1st- 2nd October in Harrogate, and we very much look forward to welcoming you there. To view some of the Photographs from the 2019 conference please click here.