Abstract Submission Guidelines

The Scientific Committee at BSACI promotes innovative work that improves care for patients and our understanding of allergic disease. We therefore invite you to submit an abstract summarising your work.

All accepted abstracts will be awarded space for display throughout the conference and adjudication during the poster session at the meeting.

Delegates will present their posters and receive feedback during adjudication. Judges will consider the work presented in terms of:

  • Originality and quality
  • Relevance to practice
  • Presentation and discussion of poster

Six Barry Kay Awards are conferred upon presenting delegates each year. One award is given in each of the following Judging Categories:

  • Basic Science
  • Adult Clinical
  • Paediatric Clinical
  • Primary Care
  • Allied Health
  • Undergraduate

Allergy Education Abstracts

This year we are introducing an exciting novel session dedicated to Allergy Education in memory of Professor Anthony Frew, hosted by the BSACI National Education Strategy Group. 

This new education showcase is an opportunity to find out about the educational innovations happening across the UK. Please submit an abstract and tell your story. Pass on your knowledge and help others develop new educational activities to help their patients, and their service. 

Abstracts will be judged on four criteria:

  1. Effective design of education, which could include innovation (your education needs to be resource appropriate and could include elements of innovation)
  2. Evidence of impact on learners (we want to showcase good, effective education, so you need to show that there is an impact on your learners)
  3. Potential impact beyond learners (this might be too soon for some educational activities, but some abstracts could show whether there is any impact on your working environment, your colleagues, your patients for example)
  4. Applicability (or transferability) to other settings (the education that you teach in your clinical setting can be delivered by others in another setting, so transferring the benefits)

The four highest-ranking abstracts will be chosen for the session by our panel. Those four abstracts will give the BSACI conference delegates a good range of examples that showcase opportunities for delivering effective, impactful education with excellence.

If you would like your project to be considered, please submit it as an abstract in the abstract category that it most closely falls into, and then indicate in the submission system that it is a project to be considered for this year’s dedicated education session.

Please ensure:

  • abstracts are submitted before the late breaking deadline: midday Monday 21st June 2021.
  • the abstract is no longer than 300 words (approx. 2000 characters)
  • the title is no longer that 25 words (approx. 150 characters)
  • authors’ names are submitted in the format ‘ A. Smith’
  • abstracts are structured using:

     1. Objective
     2. Methods
     3. Results and
     4. Conclusions

    or for case presentations using:

     1. Background
     2. Case presentation
     3. Discussion and
     4. Conclusions
  • your abstract contains the results data. Any ‘unfinished’ abstracts (promising fresh results on the poster) will be rejected
  • the submitting author is the presenting author (only registered delegates may present an abstract at the meeting).

Tables and charts

Tables and charts can be included in the results section of your submission. However please note that the content will be included in the overall word count.

Take care with your submission …

Abstracts cannot be edited after submission on the online system.

The submitting author is required to ensure that all co-authors agree for their names to support the submission, and that co-authors agree that the data reported can be considered for publication in our journal Clinical & Experimental Allergy using the same abstract submission.

Please click here for a pdf version of the guidelines.

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