Exhibitor Manual & Order Forms

Our Exhibitor Manual provides you with all the information you need for the event and will be available shortly.


What we’ll need When we’ll need it by
Company logo and website url 12th July
Satellite Symposium Details 12th July
Company Advert for the printed programme 12th July
Company profile for the printed programme 12th July
Submission of space only exhibition stand design 13th August
Delegate Bag Inserts 3rd September
Exhibitor Order Forms 3rd September
Risk Assessment Form3rd September

All the appropriate forms can be downloaded from the list below:

  1. Exhibitor Manual CLICK HERE
  2. Electrics Order Form Space only CLICK HERE
  3. Electrics Order Form Shell Scheme CLICK HERE
  4. Furniture Order Form CLICK HERE
  5. Shell Scheme Fascia Name Form CLICK HERE
  6. Graphics Order Form CLICK HERE
  7. Vehicle Access Map CLICK HERE
  8. Risk Assessment Form CLICK HERE
  9. Exhibitor Pass Order Form CLICK HERE

If you have any questions please contact Nikki on 01462 530076 or bsaci@medivents.co.uk

Contact the Conference Secretariat

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t: +44 (0)1462 530 076
f: +44 (0)1462 530 074
e: bsaci@medivents.co.uk